Sucking Cock: Just Enjoy It

David Perry Feeding Teen Slut His Cock.

Sucking a man’s cock is probably my absolute most favorite thing to do in life.  I could do it all day and not get tired of it.  I’d pretty much suck off any guy who whipped it out and pointed it at my mouth.  I can’t seem to say no.  But that’s fine with me because I’ve please so many men.  I’ve never understood why a lot of women don’t want to give a man head.  Is it something that was driven into their minds growing up, or is it some kind of feminist things where they see it as relinquishing control, or allowing a man too much power over you because he wants to fuck your mouth and throat?  You know, if you learn to train your throat, you can avoid gagging most of the time because it’s all about relaxing the throat and letting that cock become one with you.  Let him have the control to hold your head and pump your face with it, then at times he holds your head close and just has his cock buried down your throat. And once you get good at being able to swallow his cock and not gag, then you can learn a wonderful technique…while his cock is down your throat, control your throat muscles so that your throat gives off the impression that it’s milking his cock.  You can actually get a rhythm going when doing that and it intensifies the whole experience.  (Continued below, following photos).

Here are a few things to consider:

  1.  If he becomes aggressive, or he calls you “cock slut” or “cock whore”, or if he gets a little rough…don’t take it personal or become offended by it.  That kind of thing happens because of all the adrenaline and testosterone actively coursing through his whole body at the time.  Watch how much he’s enjoying it and let him have his moment to feel like a king or a god.  Hell, let him spit on your face while he’s holding your hair in his fist as he pumps your face with his hard cock.
  2. Sucking a man’s cock is a beautiful thing and it should be done as often as possible. When he gives you those reactions, that right there should tell you that he is loving what you’re doing to him and his cock and that you’ve successfully brought out the beast in him.  So don’t say “stop” at this point!
  3. If you feel like you’re out of breath when his cock is fucking your pretty little throat, be sure to breathe through your nose and you’ll be fine.  L
  4. Let your head rest lightly against his torso so you can just feel his soft skin there brush your face lightly.  You’ll discover a very warming feeling when you do this.
  5. And as he fucks your mouth, rub your hands over his ass cheeks, very lightly and give each cheek a soft squeeze now and then.  Hold both of his ass cheeks and start gently pulling his torso forward so as to encourage the throat pumping you’re getting.
  6. Run your hands up and down his body, including his legs, working your hands going up and down his legs in a slithering motion like a snake, so you are able to run your hands on his legs on both sides instead of just going up and down on one side.
  7. Before long, he’s going be blowing the hottest load of man seed into your mouth, or down your throat, or all over your face and tits.  That’s the true reward that you earned.
  8. Sucking cock is not bad thing, or a gross thing, or something to be ashamed of, nor has it ever been.  To me personally, it is considered an honor then any man has allowed me the privilege of sucking his cock.
  9. If you just let go of all those silly inhibitions, you’ll find giving a man head one of the best things to do.  It’ll show him that you’re not a selfish person.  He’ll see that you want nothing more than for him to feel amazing.  Even if he doesn’t vocalize or go on and on about it after, know that inside he really appreciates all of your effort and dedication to pleasing him.  He’s just in his post-cum lethargic state.
  10. You just might come to find that sucking cock is actually quite enjoyable and you could develop a real flare for it.